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EXE clan.

by heeko1003 » Sat Jul 03, 2021 7:44 am

Hello there. I just want you to let know that I am not the owner or the leader of EXE clan. I am just a member of it. Everyone Like RAHUL PIXER OP is always Forcing me to 1v1 him just for the EXE Clan.

I am a member but I am not the leader of EXE or the owner, The real owner has been banned. So please
Stop asking me to do a 1v1 or Take me in EXE please, I am getting annoyed by those.
I do not want to make any trouble to any of you guys, I am just a kind person but not really, I have a nice personality. I will be rude to anyone who annoys me or something. I don't really wanna be rude or mad at anyone, I am trying to respect players for my own, If you just there asking me to 1v1 you for Exe, OH god, Please stop. It is not funny to annoy somebody or some person.

I know that you guys want an EXE but I think EXE clan will be deleted soon because the owner which has been banned is not going to accept or approved anyone from that clan.

There are many clans!
Like: Fes~, RIP, RD, WOLF, WUBZ, ETC...

now why do you guys still want that EXE clan for some reason? The owner isn't approving no one anymore.
If the player has been Permanently ban...They will never be Un-Banned again. It's because it's permanent, It's Un-removable.
If you still want that EXE clan, You better not come to me.
Hi, i am heeko nice to meet you
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Re: EXE clan.

by Nick Greek » Mon Jul 05, 2021 9:29 am

Like WUBZ clan :D
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