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Cleaning forums.

by RizzoOO7 » Sun Sep 11, 2022 2:42 pm

New topic to request organizing and cleaning up forums. This is not about requesting changes to the games. Or requests for more moderators. Those will be other posts. I marked this as Global because I will want all players to see this. And I will eventually look at all forums.

Anything posted before July 2022. We have the Combat Reloaded update, so this is about any posts, polls, and requests about the old version. I chose this date randomly because I don't recall exactly when the update was released.

Below is a list of links of the actual CR announcement threads I suggest be deleted, with an explanation why.

Image upload test ... 2768#p2768 / Because this is my own shitpost I used to verify proper image uploading that is no longer needed. And a proper post for forum clean up was needed.

....more guns and armor This poll was broken from the beginning (you could select all 4 choices at once), and the dozens of 'Me Too' replies are pointless.

ERRORS REGARDING NEW UPDATE. This thread has shit posts that have nothing to do with subject. Delete them. Change Title to 'Fix missing country flag, keep only 1st and 6th post (explaining fix) and relock this thread.

A better game! The discussion is too generic and doesn't need to be an announcement.

Those are just the CR 'Announcements', I will post more suggestions for CR forum later. I don't play Combat Online, and I rarely read the forum, but I am sure it could use some housekeeping too. I will look at that forum as well.

Also, if there is only ONE Combat Reloaded game available couldn't the CR and CR2 forum be combined? Or one of them deleted? Or locked? I understand you might not have admin access to do that but having both is pointless now.
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Re: Cleaning forums.

by skystriker » Sun Sep 11, 2022 11:24 pm

it is best to keep both versions so fans of CR 1 still have the option to play it.
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Re: Cleaning forums.

by RizzoOO7 » Tue Oct 11, 2022 11:04 am

I was mistaken about the available versions of Combat Reloaded games.


The games menu at the top of this page does not list Combat Reloaded 2, so this added to my confusion believing people were calling the CR update CR2. Combat Reloaded 2 is another game entirely as seen on

It is the oversight of nadgames administration to not include it on the drop down menu. As well as continuing to list obsolete games there.
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