Request for moderator(EdersonMoraes)

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Should ederson moraes become a monitor?

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Request for moderator(EdersonMoraes)

by WillowWOLVES28 » Sat Jul 30, 2022 9:06 am

I would like him to be an administrator because I hate seeing people being abused people have been called pedos,blacks and n*ggers and its painfull to see people being treated like this so I want him to help the nadgames community so everyone can be happy and be in our community without having to deal with people that are toxic so I would like him to become an administrator so that he can help balance out our community i hope he gets it. :mrgreen: :!: :D
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Re: Request for moderator(EdersonMoraes)

by EdersonMoraes » Sat Jul 30, 2022 1:32 pm

I would actually like to be a moderator because as willow said people have been being abused on these platforms and what not its hard to see our universe like this and its sad to see that this platform is like it too so i would like to help by becoming a moderator and helping reduce the hate on these amazing platforms that you have made so i can help make it a happy community where people dont get hated on as often i cant stop it fully but i will try my best to keep it balanced and help out community of combat online and nadgames :mrgreen:
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Re: Request for moderator(EdersonMoraes)

by ISHAAN GAMING YT » Sun Oct 16, 2022 7:08 am

no boy
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