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by Ninja Gamer » Mon Sep 06, 2021 5:18 pm

Combat Online is an amazing first person shooter game with lots of features but, the game needs more changes to bring attention and thousands of people want!

It's about time that the game needs some changes and more things to do in the game.

* We need more Weapon Skins and character skins.
Sure the game has skins but the only good skins are mostly knife and pistols, Other primary weapons are the worst one in the game.
So we need other good guns that lots of people use like Sniper, M4 and etc. We need some skins like some other cartoon shows, or any personality skins in the game.

* Daily Quest
It's easy to get gold coins by watching ads or playing TDM or DM but, If we have some daily quests that we can do while playing and getting some deserved coins then people will start grinding for it P.S: You can high the price up if you think this is too easy for players to get gold coins

* New Main Menu and settings
It will be also a great idea for some changes to the Menu which has more helpful for new players. For settings, There should be more options like Crosshair, FPS Show or other settings that highly helps for good game

I know there are other opinions and suggestions for this game needs but, Let me know and the other people about you're suggestions too.

- Ninja Gamer
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